Photography is my creative outlet. A way I can express myself and my creativity, while also making others happy. I love the fact that I get to have so much fun taking pictures, and then deliver them to clients who will cherish them. Having the ability to use my passion to serve others is so amazing to me.

I adore the fact that I can make people feel so special. When they have a session to themselves, it is their special time; something designed to be all about them. This gives clients a sense of importance, and can help grow their confidence. I am devoted to helping clients feel comfortable and confident in front of my camera. 

Photography has always been my thing. Ever since my dad handed me a camera at 12 years old, I have been in love with the art of photography. For a long time, I felt like I did not have a natural born talent. After years of taking photos, I discovered that this is my talent! 

Last but not least, I love the progression of photography. I didn't start out taking amazing photos; it took time to develop the professional skills and find my style. With photography, I never stop growing. Everyday I am able to learn more, and take even better photos. It is all about growth! 

Hi, I’m Gabrielle Vignola, a natural light portrait photographer based in Nashua, New Hampshire. 

I am an extremely hard worker. I am constantly working to improve my business. Whether that be posting, editing my website, researching, or more, I spend most of my time doing these things. I believe hard work and determination is the key to success. 


a little bit about me


I have an obsession with dogs. I am such a dog person. I have three dogs; a yorkie, an akita-samyoed mix, and an english mastiff.

the fall


My favorite season is the fall by far. I love the cool, crisp air, and the foliage. It is also a stunning season to shoot portraits in!


I LOVE candles. I physically cannot stop buying them from Bath & Bodyworks. Oops...



I am a huge foodie, but I am also a picky eater. I love coffee, and I used to work at Starbucks! I am team Iced Coffee.

food & coffee


In my free time, I like to get outside and enjoy the sun. I love to go skiing in the winter, and going to the beach in the summer. Traveling is another thing I really enjoy. I love to explore new places, and spend time away from New Hampshire. 

I am a huge busy-body, so I do not spend much of my time relaxing. There is always something to do, and I like to keep myself busy. You can often find me running errands, doing school work, or doing chores. I thrive with my busy lifestyle.

when I'm not behind the camera...

four of my favorite things...